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Radon testing

What is radon?

In brief, radon is the breakdown of uranium in the soil.  Once it has broken down, it follows natural crevices and seeps into the basements of houses.  Radon is considered a carcinogen and one of the leading causes of lung cancer. 

Why should you get radon tested?

While smoking is considered to be one of the leading causes for lung cancer, radon gas is the second leading cause, followed by second hand smoke.  The first and third option, we have control over our exposure, the same is true about our exposure to radon as long as we know about the risk.  By testing for radon you will know whether or not you need to have the house mediated.  Radon is something that can be controlled; as long as you know if it is in your house.  

Our process

When we test for radon we use a Sun Nuclear continuous radon monitor.  We will come to your house and place our monitor in the basement and have it record for at least 48 hours, since our machines will measure the radon levels once every hour we can see what the average is and how the radon levels may change over the course of the testing.  At the end of the test, we will send you the results and the average radon level in your house.

Our Prices

We charge $125 for a radon test when perform without an home inspection, when bundled with a home inspection, it is only $100.

For more information

Please see what the EPA has to say here:

This website is also another great source: